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The Model Village is constantly evolving, check out what's new!

What's New at Torquay's Model Village

New models & displays are added all the time, here are some of the more major additions.....

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Shakespeare’s Globe – Added May 2022


 Crazy Golf – Opened April 2022


Housing estate full of calamity and comedy - Coming summer 2022

Shakespeare’s Birthplace – Coming summer 2022

Anne Hatherway’s Cottage – Coming summer 2022


Luxury Holiday Park – Added summer 2021


Frayda Heights – Added summer 2021


Arc Veterinary Surgery, Gnashers Dental and Feel Good Medical Centre – Added summer 2021


‘Clucky Fried Chicken’ drive thru – Added summer 2021


New summer evening fire and lighting effects – Added summer 2021


A model in the style of The Royal Crescent in Bath – Added spring 2020


 If you haven't been for a while - here's what was added in recent years

Peek Inside House

ADDED MAY 2019 - Our newly developed peek inside house is now on display indoors and beautifully lit up. Come along, be a ‘nosey neighbour’ and see what the little folk are up to indoors, including one or two familiar faces. Be aware though – you may see more than you bargained for.


Wildflower Garden

ADDED MAY/JUNE 2019 - Our newly planted wildflower garden is taking shape and should start to grow and mature over the coming weeks. Framed by a fabulous new flower mural and complete with our own 'Air Bee n Bee' residence, all skillfully created by the team at the model village. The residence is only taking bookings for bees though, not humans!



A great new city scene

Our city was completely redesigned and rebuilt during 2018 and early 2019, with many new models, scenes and stunning illuminations.