Halloween Happenings
See the Model Village in a whole new light during Halloween...If you dare!


The Model Village takes on a spooky twist!

EVENINGS October 24th to 31st 2019..


halloween fires

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The Happenings.....

October 24th to 31st 2019 -

Open 10.00am to latest entry 7.30pm (Gardens start to close after 8.30pm)

There are Halloween scenes around the gardens all day, also a trail hunt for themed miniature characters (daylight only). However, the full spooky Halloween theme starts to come alive late afternoon.....


After dark, can you find your way through our outdoor Halloween maze and see what you will encounter - redesigned for 2019, so you might take a wrong turn!


Creating an amazing spooky atmosphere after dark


This spoof tour is the spooky highlight of our Halloween experience. You go behind the scenes, on an eerie tour by lantern light, through the woods and past 'abandoned' haunted workshops. Hang around for a chilling ghost story! This 'experience' starts after dark and lasts about 20 minutes. Please see FAQS below!


Our 4D theatre takes you on a 3D journey through an eerie haunted house with bone-rattling and spine-tingling special effects, showing evenings.


Spaces on the Workshop of Horrors tour, and 4D Haunted House seats, need to be booked on arrival.

Latest entry is 7.30pm. The park closes 1 to 1.5 hours after.




FAQs & Tips

What are the ticket prices?

Our regular admission prices apply - SEE HERE for full details. Note: no additional charge for 'Haunted House 4D' film showing after 4.30pm, 24th to 31st Oct

What time do the evening activities (24th to 31st) start?

Haunted House 4D shows start after 4.30pm,

Spooky maze - open from 5.00pm

Spookillumnations - 24th to 26th from 6.00-8.45pm, 27th to 31st from 5.00-8.45pm

The Workshop of Horrors tours and miniature fire effects around the gardens start when it is fully dark  - 24th to 27th from 6.30pm, 28th to 31st from 5.30pm

Latest entry to the park is 7.30pm, then we close 1 to 1.5 hours later

To include all activities please allow at least 1.5 hours

Do we need to book in advance?

No, advance bookings are not taken. The Tour and 4D Haunted House show are timed visits, allocated on arrival, Spaces can be booked on site after 4.00pm.

Best time to visit?

Many people arrive late afternoon  - this is good if you want to experience day and night (we always recommend seeing the gardens in daylight to fully experience the Model Village itself and some of the miniature characters will only be visible in daylight).

The best Halloween experience is after dark. To avoid missing some of the effects ensure you stay until after dark.

Don't be put off by the autumn weather - damp/misty evenings are quieter and much more eerie!

How scary is it?

Our Halloween event is largely aimed at families, offering a light-hearted Halloween experience with spoof-horror displays and themes. It’s not a scare-fest, but there will be some miniature mild horror/gore scenes on display all day around the gardens and some Halloween displays in the labyrinth. The after-dark lighting and sound effects, along with the workshop tour, create a wonderful Halloween atmosphere that even the adults enjoy. .

The workshop of horrors tour, though optional, is one of the highlights of our Halloween event and the most spooky part, offering a fun but dark and eerie experience. It may be unsuitable for some very young children (under about 4/5 years).

NOTE: The tour is along dimly lit uneven paths and through workshops unsuitable for double pushchairs. Sturdy footwear is essential. Access to the tour may be possible for wheelchairs and small mobility scooters, but there are steep hills entering & leaving the gardens, please see 'Accessibility' for general information about access

Haunted House 4D - uses darkness, some seat movement, 3D mild horror effects, ghosts and creepy crawlies and may be unsuitable for some very young children under about 6/7 years. Due to seat movement and flashing lights it may not be suitable for people with certain medical conditions. For more details SEE HERE

Can we visit day and evening?

Yes, you can use our free return photo-pass. Keep your admission receipt and, before you leave, validate it in the gift shop to get a photo-pass. This enables everyone in the photo to return once, for free, later the same day or within 7 days. Important - you will not be able to return for free without the photo-pass - get one to avoid disappointment, even if you are unsure you will use it.  It only takes half a minute in the shop.

Can we get something to eat?

Gulliver's tearoom serves light bites during the afternoon - such as sandwiches, paninis, jacket potatoes, cakes, snacks, hot & cold drinks. Tearoom open 10.00am to 7.30pm

Don't miss one of Torquay's premier family Halloween events!