Don't just watch a film... Feel it!
Experience the big screen like never before with stunning sounds, lighting and other surprising effects at our 4D cinema.


"Knights Quest 4D" takes you back in time to the ancient Middle-Ages in a far, far away kingdom. When two knights in armour – Bodkin and Oric - arrive at a medieval castle, they realize a princess is being held captive. In their quest to find the key that will unlock the princess’ chamber, and conquer the fair lady’s heart, our two competing characters are faced with a series of bizarre games and deadly traps. Each knight tries all the tricks to out-run the other, using increasingly desperate manoeuvres. But when they discover the castle holds a sinister secret, the two realize that if they want to succeed, they must work together against a common enemy to save their lives. Can their unlikely friendship prevail against the dark forces? Join our two heroes in this hilarious and action-packed attraction film featuring spectacular 4D effects.

Tickets extra £1.50 per person.

February show times: 11.40am, 1.20pm, 2.40pm

March show times: 11.20am, 12.50pm, 2.20pm, 3.20pm.

NOTE: 4D Theatre will be closed on 7th & 8th March


An abandoned cat becomes part of a retired illusionist's household. When the conjurer ends up in hospital, the cat and his new friends join forces to stop the man's Nephew from selling their magical home. Take a journey into this magical house in 3D.



Showing Evenings October 25th to 31st, during Halloween Evenings of Mini Horrors.

A 3D journey through a spooky haunted house with bone-rattling and spine- tingling effects!


FOR CHRISTMAS - SHOWING 'A Dream of Christmas'

Showing during our Christmas event -  December 16th to January 1st

A 6-minute adventure taking you through Santa's Toy workshop, with special effects and magical music.

No additional charge, but on request - seats need to be booked on arrival.

(See 4D visit guidance below)


4D Theatre - Visit Guidance!

The 4D shows use flashing lights and some minor seat movement.You should not enter the theatre if you have any condition that may be affected by this show (such as Epilepsy; heart, back or neck problems; or during pregnancy)

The 4D Cinema is fun for most ages but the experience uses darkness and loud sound effects which may be unsuitable for some very young children.